Mechelle Chestnut, LCAT


My mission is to help people experience their innate sense of security as they grow through life’s transitions. Psychotherapy that accepts and works with the whole person can do just that.

My goals are:

  • To empower my clients to recognize, relate, and build upon their gifts, strengths, desires, and true sense of self
  • To help my clients answer the call of their life’s work personally and professionally
  • To help my clients put down unhealthy habits and develop new, healthier ways of thinking and acting
  • To provide my clients with new, simple, powerful tools for self-love, growth, and health
  • To help clients to strengthen their integrity, reconciling and integrating the mind (thoughts) with the body (feelings)
  • To support my clients as they make decisions and take actions that are aligned with their integrity
  • To support the healthy growth of individuals, relationships, and families

My approach is from the “top-down, bottom-up.” We work from the top-down: identifying new, healthier actions for you to take in your present life and changes in mindset to move your thinking from negative to truthful and useful. We work from the bottom-up: When there are emotional blocks from your past looming large enough in your present life, we delve into the past together, safely working through old wounds and healing so you can finally move on.