What is working with mechelle like? 

After our initial contact...

  • I'll send you an online assessment that you and your partner may take before our first session. 
  • Over the first few sessions, I want to see and hear how you are with each other, how you interact with each other, how you speak to each other. I'll do this by assessing you, the couple, through careful and thorough interviewing and observation.
  • After those first few sessions, I'll offer you feedback from my observations and then we'll start rolling up our sleeves and digging in.
  • This work can actually be enjoyable (believe it or not!) even if there are occasional tears and strong emotions.
  • Through the research-based Gottman Method, I will coach you through the difficult discussions and feelings, guide you to learn new ways to manage conflict, and accompany your move into sharing dreams and creating shared meaning. 


Should we stay together?

By and large, I don't know. But I do know how to help you, the couple, come to your own understanding of your dynamic and your individual contributions to the relationship with a refreshed perspective. 

Research shows couples wait 6 years before seeking help. During that time, a lot can happen (or not happen) including a gradual corroding of the relationship. So if you're reading this, chances are you've waited long enough.

photo credit: Michelle Arcila