Live a Connected Life

Imagine moving through your life with less fear, sadness, rage, and doubt.

What's left?

Love. Courage. Power. Connection. Honor.

And You. 


(Aspiring) Professionals 

  • Feeling unhappy even though things are looking good on paper
  • Not sure how to move forward
  • Recovering from addictions and codependency
  • Talented but haven’t been able to do much with it
  • Scared of having missed opportunities
  • Tired of landing in the same place over and over
  • Binging
  • Wanting to drink less but not go to AA
  • Sober but feeling down, irritable and/or anxious much of the time
  • Your mind races and makes it hard to calm down, focus or feel ok
  • Compulsively checking social media to see what other people are doing or how they are responding to your posts
  • Seems to attract the same kinds of partners and friends even though hoping for something different
  • Doing or saying things to please others
  • Has lots of ideas, starts some but never sees the ideas through

Prenatal & Postpartum

  • Expectant moms wanting more support for a healthy pregnancy
  • Postpartum moms having difficulty adjusting
  • Moms expecting a 2nd or 3rd child with anxiety from a previous difficult pregnancy or birth
  • Moms off their medications during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding and having a hard time
  • Expectant or new moms with fear, depression or feelings and thoughts that seem “wrong,” “bad,” or “crazy”
  • Women experiencing or recovering from a miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Expectant or new moms who just don’t have time or energy away from the job or family to commute to an office for therapy
  • Therapy at home for expectant and postpartum mothers and families in the privacy, convenience, and comfort of home
Photo by AleksandarNakic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AleksandarNakic/iStock / Getty Images


Research shows couples wait 6 years before seeking help. During that time, a lot can happen, not happen, and breakdown of the relationship can occur.  Getting support helps.  Therapy for couples works best when both parties agree to attend and try to make change.  Couples therapy works for pre-commitment/pre-marital couples and committed and married couples. For couples not married, other big life choices may be on the table like having a child, moving-in, relocating, or getting married. Couples therapy can help couples learn how to communicate, ask questions, and voice concerns before making big decisions.  And for couples who are in long-term or married relationships, couples therapy can be a time for working through difficult circumstances that may threaten the marriage or for an occasional emotional tune-up to strengthen the bond.