How does this therapy work?

Pregnant and postpartum moms and partners and adoptive parents do not need to go back into their childhoods to get better right now or to bond with their babies.

  • When you first come in, we will not need to understand historically why you are doing what you are doing in order to then grow into a strong you today. NO. That's for another time.
  • What we need while pre- and postpartum is to get stronger mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Initially we will talk about what you are experiencing both internally (in your mind and body) and externally (at home, at work, with others).
  • We will identify problem thoughts and processes and then collaborate on how to make manageable, achievable changes.
  • I can help you create your own realistic holistic wellness plan for YOU.


It's not just "postpartum depression" anymore

Birth moms, partners and adoptive parents can experience an array of mental health challenges during either or both the prenatal and postpartum times. Add fertility treatments, challenges, and losses to that list for many of us, too. And it's not just depression that we can experience. There's also perinatal anxiety or OCD or bipolar or, rarely, psychosis. And, get this, partners experience perinatal mental health issues, too, at about 25%. Adoptive parents are also susceptible.

If we're honest, pregnancy and early parenthood aren't for everyone--even when we've planned and put in so much effort to make it happen! While some enjoy it, some do not. I want to help you come to terms with your relationship with pregnancy, birth, loss, and parenthood. I'm here to help you embrace your dislike of any or all of it. I am also here to help you experience joy. 


photo credit: Michelle Arcila