After our last session, I was in awe of the therapy process.
I haven’t gotten better this fast with any other therapist.
I have been able to stop binge eating and drinking because of the work we’ve done.
All the work we did last year on relationship goals I’m engaged!
I came to Mechelle for help in processing and confronting my own feelings of anger, resentment, fear, and uncertainty. I felt trapped by my feelings, powerless to take meaningful action in my own life. I felt like I had stopped growing, was ruled by the external demands placed on me, and lacked the spontaneity and creativity I wanted in my life.
Since I began working with Mechelle, I’ve found a more fluid and integrated way of being. I’ve rediscovered my ability to feel negative feelings without being overwhelmed by them, leading me into a more balanced and satisfying experience of my own life. I have begun to access feelings of gratitude and abundance that had previously been frozen by anger and fear. I have started to accept and integrate all parts of my changing self.
Working with Mechelle has deepened and broadened my awareness of the ways my experience of myself affects my relationships. I have discovered an increased ability to act with kindness and patience towards my husband and daughter through a process of self-healing and growth in therapy with Mechelle.
I definitely recommend Mechelle to other pregnant and postpartum moms. Becoming a mother is a beautiful, life-changing event. It can also be a tremendously challenging and isolating time, in which new moms may carry a heavy burden of expectation, anticipation, and conflicted feelings. A woman’s self-care at this time of great change is particularly important for new moms and those who love them. Mechelle provides support that can help soon-to-be moms and new moms take care of themselves in ways that nurture health and well-being for women, babies, and those who love them

photo credit: Michelle Arcila